About me:

My jewelry is made from natural, semi-precious stones and stainless steel. The stones have different colors and shapes that will perfectly match all your outfits. Moreover, many people believe these stones have magical power and healing properties. Here, any woman, regardless of her skin tone and type of beauty, will find something for herself.

About the stones:


is a stone of power and equilibrium, not only the physical but also the intellectual and emotional. Its energy will help you with self-expression. It helps shy people to speak their minds louder.


is for the ones who want to but are afraid to take the risk. It’s for those who, despite believing in success, are afraid to take the risk. Amazonite has the power to transform the feeling of uncertainty and fear into creative thinking and it will lead one to their destination. It enhances intuition, confidence and empathy.


inspires artists. A stone of love that brings loyalty and protects from bad intentions and betrayal. Endows with a capacity to concentrate and helps develop talents. Apart from this, it looks gorgeous. It also helps with eye, skin and kidney disease treatment. Comforts in moments of doubt and depression, helps to treat insomnia and protects from nightmares. Enhances mental maturity, resilience, creativity, optimism and bravery.


benefits memory. It makes the learning process easier and, as a result, helps in achieving success. It helps with building trust and enables calm and sensible conversations. Howlite protects from emotional confusion and absorbs the aggression that others directed towards us.


is a talisman which brings happiness, prosperity and successful marriage. It also brings deep and calm sleep, especially to those who often experience nightmares. Keeping jadeite at home creates a nice and friendly atmosphere. It helps those who struggle with expression of emotions. It brings peace, relaxation, and harmony.

Rose quartz

a so-called “stone of love”, will help you develop a love for yourself, others, nature and the world surrounding you.  Rose quartz awakens empathy, selflessness, altruism and readiness, not only to give unconditional love, but also receive it.

Lapis lazuli

has a beautiful tone and is covered with grains of pyrite. It is believed to bring wisdom and understanding. It fights evil and dark thoughts by releasing the good, generosity and selflessness from you. Soothes the heart’s anxieties and brings relief. Enhances positive thinking and improves intuition


with its deep black colour, improves stress resilience and brings the strength required to complete difficult tasks. It brings equilibrium and clarity of mind, hence it’s an essential for those who tend to dwell on the past. It’s also perfect for the ones who work under pressure.


is an exceptionally charming stone which enhances our relationships with others. It will be a perfect gift for a close friend, as its power has a positive impact on friendship. It helps with communication issues and expressing emotions. It makes forgiveness and understanding of difficult situations easier. It’s called “the first-aid stone”, especially during a stressful time. It also soothes emotional pain.


makes us perceive the past objectively because it makes coming into terms with it easier. It makes us understand that every situation is a lesson that we learn from and develop. It makes us realize that everything that happens to us constitutes a new valuable experience. It helps to make our dreams come true and makes us notice people, things and feelings that we did not pay close attention to before. It makes us realize that whatever we give, comes back to us. It helps develop imagination, creativity and, finally, it awakens our senses.

Tiger’s eye

possesses multiple healing properties. It is recommended for allergy sufferers and the chronically ill. It helps with quinsy, pneumonia and bronchitis. Jewelry that the tiger’s eye forms a part of, brings relief to those who experience shortness of breath and suffer from asthma. It is also recommended for those suffering from liver and digestion system diseases, and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system by regulating the blood sugar level. It is also recommended for those suffering from arthritis, spine, sciatica, and thyroid problems. Finally, it relieves headaches and migraines. 


eliminates negative energy, which gathers around us. It helps with finding the right path when we get stuck in a blind and evil spot. It can also play an important role in making dreams come true by enhancing our confidence

These are only some of many other natural stones. Find your own and try out its power!